No More

The mother cried
The father rested a gentle hand on her shoulder
The doctor quietly left the room
The two sat in a deafening silence

They soon left
Drove home to their sick child
The child that would soon die
‘Incurable’ echoed around the car, bounced off of every object

‘No treatment’,’ 2 months to a year is all she has left’
and other horrible phrases invaded their thoughts
They opened the door, walked into the house
And were greeted by a little girl, so full of life it hurt

She smiled and talked away, oblivious to her parent’s hurt
They both fought back tears, choked on their own sorrow
They thought of all that had been and all that could be
Of all her dreams, goals, her ambitions

She ran off to play, looking healthy and perfect
The mother and father looked on, the faces pale and gaunt
This couldn’t be true, This was impossible
Not their perfect, lovable little girl

Not this angel they had fallen in love with
Not this precious child who had changed their lives
Not their baby!
But, alas, it was true and she soon began to fade

An illness ate at her life
Her face grew pale, her breathing ragged
Yet she still smiled, she still loved, she made the pain worse
Her joy was never vanquished

They knew it had been coming, but it still shocked them
They began to live at the hospital, taking turns
The doctors gave updates, always the same
‘There is nothing we can do’

They began to say good-bye, telling her they would always love her
Family came and comforted though it did little to help
Her light slowly began to dim, her parents dying on the inside
Wondering how they could ever bounce back

And then one day she was gone
She lay in her bed, not breathing, not moving
She was completely still
Completely gone

No more was her sweet, tinkling laugh
No more was her drawings of their family
No more were the nights spent cuddled on the couch, reading
No more was the joy that lit up her face

No more would her sweet voice whisper ‘I love you!’
No more would she tip-toe into their bed in the morning
No more would she surprise them with her little gifts
Never again would she be

The only thing left was a gnawing, indescribable ache
A million shed tears and a broken, raw heart
An insurmountable sorrow
A love stronger than any other, suddenly ripped to threads

The death of their child
Their perfect daughter forever gone
Only her story left behind
Her small life ravaged away by the awful sickness

The worst day of their lives, no one could doubt that
The day all love was torn away
But the start of a new life
A life without their daughter, without their darling angel

And despite the trauma, despite the pain
Despite the unbearable pain that shot straight to their souls,
they would learn to cope, to love again
and to rise above the hurt



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