Notice Me

Time is sand
Flowing, stopping for no one
Grains spill from my cupped hands
Counting the minutes, hours, days, months, years that I have waited for you

But you’re clueless
Oblivious to all the signs
Finding pointless ways to spend your time
So I wait, impatiently twiddling my thumbs
Hoping that someday soon you will look over my way
Hoping that you will decide I am worth your attention

But time continues rushing, faster than a river
I receive no more that a quick glance
Have I missed something? Am I acting blindly?
The waters of time splash my face, choking me, threatening to put out my small flicker of hope

I have heard of all your victories, losses, joys, and sorrows
But never straight from you, only through the grapevine
How I long to be a listening ear, that soul you can confide in
Yet you don’t trust me in that way
You don’t trust me with all of your secrets and burdens
You don’t trust me because you don’t even know me



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