Poor Child

You poor child
So innocent and young
Thinkin’ the world gon’ come to you on a silver platter

You silly child
Don’t know nothin’ ’bout hard work
Earnin’ a livin’, it’s all news to you

You young mind
Thinkin’ you know best
Naw, listen to those older, they had years o’ learnin’ and failure

You gullible child
Believin’ every liar that comes ’round
Just takin’ what they say as truth, not lookin’ for truth yourself

You lazy young’un
Look at these weathered hands
This is what life looks like, hard and unfair

You blind soul
Not knowin’ the troubles and struggle the world faces
You gon’ be shocked when you hear

You poor child
Just settin’ out in the world
You ain’t gon’ know what hits you when you learn the truth ’bout life



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