No one said survival was fun
From all our fears we all quickly run
Simply wanting to live another day
We wait, watch, fight, and pray

On our hands, we live with blood
Having spilled so much we caused a flood
A flood that flowed red and raw
A flood started by the knife’s sharp claw

Our stomachs quiver, shaking with hunger
Wishing for the days when we were younger
Days when we could play, live life worry free
Not worrying about what food we might not get to eat

Family all dead and left all alone
Forming weapons out of their dry bones
Sent back to our beginning, a primitive state
We push our luck and test our fate

No one said that survival was fun
We once roamed the earth when it unceasingly spun
But now it sits, an orb in the sky
Knowing soon comes the day we all will die

Yet still, we fight for our every day
Even though soon we will become prey
Whether we fall to plague or foe
The day draws and that, we all know



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