The Scale

There once was a scale
A scale that was merciless, relentless, brutally honest
This scale once had seemed kind but quickly showed his true colors
He was a bully through what he said

This tiny, whispering voice dragging a young girl down,
far into the depths of despair
She once had been proud of who she was,
who God had made her to be, of her looks

Despite what others said, they could not crush her spirit
At least, no one but the scale
She stepped one day, upon its shiny surface
more out of curiosity than anything else,
not expecting the pain that would soon blossom inside

A series of harsh numbers stared back at her
penetrating deeper than she thought possible
She checked a few hours later, still shocked at the scales boldness

She stared in the mirror, judging every inch of her body,
willing it to be perfect
Yet only finding it imperfect

The next morning, breakfast was skipped,
The scale stood menacingly in the corner
taunting her
She began eating less and less
began losing weight at an alarming speed
but it was never enough

The numbers decreased
the lumps went away
but it was never enough
The scale lied to her, dared her to meet his demands

Her obsession grew to the state of desperation
She began doing things she had never imagined
Loving friends warned her, asked her to stop
But their requests faded beneath the sound of the scales incessant pushing

The numbers slipped away
A barbie figure was retained
The scales goal had been reached

But, as the girl looked into the mirror
she almost cried
The girl she used to love had vanished
Replaced with a vain, hollow girl
who had been bullied by the scale



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