He Gon’ Sing Again

“There now, ain’t that a sad sight to see?”

“Yes, such a shame. That there man loved his little girl a somethin’ fierce! She was his whole world.”

“Poor, poor man. No father should ‘ave to put their child in the ground, ‘specially at such a young age, too!”

“Tragedy seems to follow ‘im where’er he ventures. First his wife left ‘im, he lost ‘is job, and now ‘is baby girl.”

“Such sorrow and heartache.”

“Ain’t that the truth.”

“Say, ain’t he the daddy known for writin’ ‘n playin’ some sweet lil’ lullabies?”

“Yes, ma’am. His sweet child loved music, it helped soother her lil’ soul. He’d write ‘er lil’ songs and sing ’em to her to help ‘er fall asleep.”

“Just precious. I wonder, you think he’ll ever sing or write another song again?”

“Perhaps, with time. Perhaps in honor of his daughter, a tribute to the short life she lived. I reckon each and every song will be dedicated to the lil’ darlin’ now sleepin’ forever.”

“Maybe we should let ‘im mourn in peace. Some privacy might do ‘im good.”

“Yes,yes. ‘Sides, he’s breakin’ my old heart. Such public displays of affection and sorrow have a way of makin’ one uncomfortable.”

“Hmmm, yes. Take care, good sir. Your daughter loved you, we all know it. We also know that one day, you gon’ sing again and your luck gon’ change and on that day, there gon’ be a lil’ girl in heaven smilin’ on down at her dear daddy. Her dear daddy who started singin’ again and dedicated every song to his sweet child who’s life was short but meaningful. Yesiree, good sir. One day. One day soon. It gon’ happen.”



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