One Year

One year

One year of finding my coping mechanism

One year of furiously scribbling in notebooks, on napkins

One year of rhyming words, linking phrases

A year of sharing my most personal thoughts

Sharing feelings and experiences with the whole world

One year of growing in my ability

One year of baring my soul for open inspection

One year of secrets

Those closest to me know nothing of what I have done for the past year

I can share my writing with the world, but not with the people I love

It’s too honest

I don’t want them to see this side of me

I don’t want them to see the words I write to drown out my anger

To express my pain, to hide the tears and broken heart

Maybe one day

Maybe one day they will see my writing

But for now, it is my secret

My anonymous mark on the world

That gives me peace in my world



I have officially had this blog for a year. What better way to celebrate than with a poem?


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