I Thank You

A  poem written by Geraldina J. Tamayo.


I Thank You

You kept it real
You told no lies
I trusted your words
And you said that it was okay to cry
Hidden from an ocean of lies from the
People closest to me…
But you, you revealed them all
You answered questions never asked
And you showed no regret
And with that I thank you!
Wishing the truth were lies
Expecting a laugh and you telling me
That it was all a
The truth hit me, then stabbed me, then
Killed me a thousand
I cried that night with the never ending
Thought of the truth…
I thought I knew my life, I thought I
Understood it all…
But you opened my eyes and unwrapped
The hurtful truth…
And I thank you for being there, to hold
my hand…through it all…
And I can never thank you enough for
opening the closet of skeletons…

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/the-truth-hurts



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